The Griffon Bruxellois Club of Scotland
3rd April 2016
My thanks to the Officers and committee for the kind invitation to judge the show also to my competent steward, Bob Potts, and the exhibitors for accepting my decisions.
Veteran dog: (3.2) 1 Duncan’s Rhodon Sunny Jim, 9yrs R/S who showed well, Nice large head with dark expressive eyes, large nose, good upsweep of jaw, sadly starting to show his age but still enjoys his day out, moving steadily.
Minor puppy dog: (3.1) 1 Finlay’s Grajenco Billy Elliot at Gilderoak, 8mth R/R of good clear colour, good head, dark round eyes, well placed nose, wide muzzle and good upsweep of jaw. Neat ears. Medium neck and good lay of shoulder. Level top-line with good tail-set Tight feet. Moved well. BPD. 2 Mackenzie’s Grajenco Oliver also R/R not as forward as his brother but another nice puppy, was difficult to assess, he thoroughly enjoyed his day out. Moved OK.
Puppy dog: 1 MacKay’s Fergusch Call me Nicolaus at Osthaen (Imp It.) Smart 10mnth R/R Nice head with neat ears, dark eyes, open nostrils, good upsweep of jaw, enough bone, well placed shoulders, level topline, harsh coat of clear colour, good angulation Moved well.2. G Oliver. 3 Barnfall Rowanberry.
Junior Dog: (2.1) 1 G. Oliver
Novice dog: (3.1) 1 Gullon’s Barnfall Rockin Robin. 9mnth R/R puppy. good head, neck and shoulder, nice bone, harsh clear coat, good top line and tail set. Overall well balanced, sadly a reluctant mover. 2 Duncan’s Liamford Checkmate R/S not very happy today, was quite unsettled.
P. Grad. Dog: (1) 1 Gullon’s Barnfall Periwinkle R/S decent headed boy, nicely balanced with good lay of shoulders, level top line, good tail set. Good bone, tight feet. Moved well.
Limit dog: (5) 1 Smith/Prout’s Goldene Horde Tossy Guy at Tantori, upstanding R/R, well boned, beautiful masculine head with large dark eyes, ears could be a little smaller but are well set, well placed nose, wide jaw, good lip placement, good front, well lay of shoulder, level short back, well sprung ribs, good tail set. Good coat colour. He is maturing nicely, moved positively. BD & BIS. Well done. 2 Potts’ Adreeam Black Magic, B/R, another good dog, smaller in stature than 1 but well put together, very good harsh black jacket, good skull with large dark eyes that give you a real cheeky look, well placed nose with open nostrils, good upsweep of jaw, neat  ears, good front, medium length of neck and good lay of shoulders, short back, well sprung ribs, and correct tail set. Moved with drive. 3 Scott’s Samaranda Luther King.
Open Dog: (5.1) 1 Potts’ Ch Samarandas Sorceror to Adreeam SHCM, B/R, compact, well balanced boy with a good head, neat ears, very expressive dark eyes, large nose, good jaw, another good fronted dog, well placed shoulders, medium neck, nice short back with well sprung ribs, tight feet. Moved with drive RBD. 2 Davidson’s Aptrick Ithil, lovely B/R of a larger build, well put together with a lovely head, good expression, nice dark eyes, neat ears, moved well. 3 Mackenzie’s Grajenco Klass Act at Calanru SHCM.
Veteran bitch: (2) 1 Scott’s Jaydean Black Petal of Samaranda, lively, young 10years B/R who thoroughly enjoyed her day, in very good condition, moving round the ring like a youngster. BVIS. 2 Courtney’s Donzeata Royal Temptress R/S making her show debut at 9 years, nicely made, moved steadily.

Minor Puppy bitch: (2) 1 Kirkwood’s Grajenco Miss Saigon R/R 8mnth well grown puppy, lovely feminine head, nice dark eyes, well set ears, wide muzzle, harsh coat of good colour, nice reach of neck, good lay of shoulder, short back, high tail set. Good front, moved with drive. 2 Smith/Prout’s Tantori Tutti Frutti another promising puppy who is very similar to 1 but is not as mature, moved well when settled.
Puppy bitch: (4.1) 1 Gullon’s Barnfall Roxanne 9mnth R/R, very feminine, good head with neat ears, dark eyes, large nose, good sweep of jaw, medium length of neck, good shoulders, short level back with well sprung ribs, good tail set. Strong legs. Harsh coat of good clear colour. Well balanced overall. Moved well BB. BOS. 2 G. Miss Saigon. 3 Davidson’s Tantori Tickled Pink.
Junior: (3.1) 1 G. Miss Saigon. 2 Tantori Tickled Pink, immature R/R who needs time. Moved OK.
Novice bitch: (1) 1 Tantori Tutti Frutti
Post Grad. Bitch: (3.1) Mackay’s Beauview Thunder Thighs B/T/S pleasing head, dark eyes, neat ears, good muzzle and upsweep of jaw, compact body with well sprung ribs, good tail-set, good bone, moved well. RBB. 2 Mackenzie’s Beauview Rumour Has It, another B/T, harsh coat, nice head, moved well for her young handler.
Limit bitch: (4) 1 Smith/Prout’s Grajenco Dotcom at Tantori, R/S, Feminine head with good features, nice front, medium neck, good lay of shoulder, short back, tail carried well, good coat, moved with drive. 2 Scott’s Samaranda Merry Dancer, B/R, feminine head with nice dark eyes, neat ears and good width of jaw, nice lay of shoulder, short back with good spring of rib, tight feet, moved well. 3 Murray’s Cicely Cote Dior at Osthaen.
Open Bitch: (5.4) 1 Kirkwood’s Gilderoak For Your Eyes Only R/R Typical head with nice dark eyes, small ears set well, good upsweep of jaw, large nose-pad, decent neck and lay of shoulder, strong back and good rib, nice tail set. Good bone, Moved well.
Sp. Open Smooth Dog or Bitch (3) 1 Grajenco Royal Male with Murroch R/S dog Nice head, good bone, nicely balanced, good coat, moved well. 2 Gilderoak by Royal Command at Grajenco, 3 Samaranda Luther King
Sp. Open Red Rough Dog or Bitch (2) 1 C Cote Dior at O 2 G James Bond JW Nice headed dog, who gave a good account of himself. 
Sp. Open Black Dog or Bitch (4.1) 1 A Ithil 2 Samaranda Merry Dancer 3 Castafior Noir Desir
Sp. Open Black and Tan Dog or Bitch (4) 1 B Thunder Thighs 2 Murray’s Beauview Special Delivery, nice dog, male version of 1. who beat him on movement today. 3 Gullon’s Attborg Bloom a New Flower (Imp. Mlt.)
                                                                                                      M Cook (Judge)