First, I would like to say that it was an honour to judge the SGBC. The setting is beautiful with the Ochil Hills at the back of the hall. The reception & atmosphere of the show could not be any warmer. I had an excellent steward who looked after me. I would also like to thank the exhibitors who took the time & effort to show under me. I enjoyed the day enormously at my favourite venue which holds so many good memories.
BIS was Conway’s Flirt Alert Unlimited at Stomjac; & RBIS & BP, Mackay’s Osthaen Maleficent.
VD (2) 1 Cook’s Ch Roamaysee Double Take, r/s, lovely head with an alert expression, neat ears & good turn up. Nice size, compact & seemed to love his day out; 2 Finlay’s Ch Gilderoak Master Card, r/r, nice head with good eye & expression. Similar in size to 1 but slightly longer in back & not as compact. Moved well. Two lovely veterans. Vintage D (1) 1 Duncan’s Rhodon Sunny Jim, r/s, 10 years old. Nice head, medium neck & length of back. A bit stilted in movement but only to be expected with his age. Another oldie enjoying a day out in Scotland. MPD (2) Only two in this class but a bit difficult to decide because when moving both were high stepping. Hopefully this will improve as they mature & settle down. Both were of a nice size. 1 Baranova & Orinchuk’s Harpersband Cream Of The Crop, r/s, beautiful clear red coat. Very much a baby. Head needs to mature but he has a big eye, neat ears with a strong turn-up. Good clean neck & shoulders. Short back, ribs need to develop more with age. Correct tailset. Lovely limbs with tight feet. A pup with a lot of attitude, moved well when settled. BPD; 2 Suggitt’s Aptrick Alexander, b/r dog, good colour & coat texture. A very decent head on this puppy. Would like a bit more length of neck which would give him a better layback of shoulder. A bit wide in front movement. Short back & good tailset. Like 1 needs to settle in movement but both are only babies. Both chaps had good mouths. PD (2) 1 Pott’s Adream The Magician, b/r, lovely dense colour & texture. Finer in type than 2 & smaller. Needs time to mature, lovely head & eye with good turn-up & mouth, enough neck, neat front. Short & will eventually when mature will be quite compact. Decent tailset, small hocks coming from a good bend of stifle. A happy little mover; 2 Mackay’s Osthaen Rumpolstiltskin, r/r, a bit muddy in colour for me, hopefully it will clear. Heavier in type than 1 but with a lovely eye, strong jaw & mouth. Good neck with a straight back & good tailset. Found him a bit wide in front & back movement. JD (4) 1 Mackay’s Feigusch Call Me Nicholaus at Osthaen, r/r, good coat & colour. Found him slightly plain in head but with a good eye & ears. Needs a stronger turn-up to give him a better expression, but with a good mouth. Lovely shape to body, short back with good ribs. Nice front & backend. Carried himself well when moving; 2 Mackenzie & Cowie’s Grajenco Oliver, r/r, would like a better colour but coat texture good. Head is nice with a cheeky expression, alert eyes, big nose & good mouth. Bit heavy in ear. Medium length of neck & back. Straight front & topline. Would like a better bend of stifle. Happy lad when moving & with his tail up; 3 Gullan’s Barnfall Rockin Robin.ND (2) 1 Conway’s Parys Reiwkarnacja Poland at Stormjac, b/t/s, lovely coat & correct tan markings. Good head, eye & ears, very strong turn-up. Good neck with a tidy front. Well laid shoulders, short, deep ribbed back which is level. Correct tail set. Strong hind quarters. Moved well, & very alert. Would have liked to have seen him in the final line-up. Pity; 2 G Oliver. GD (2) 1 Finlay’s Grajenco Billy Elliot at Gilderoak, r/r, decent colour & texture. Pleasing head with a nice dark eye. Good width of skull, ears could do with being smaller. Big nose pad, good width of jaw & correct mouth. Medium length of neck going into good front & shoulders. Short enough with good spring of ribs & a level topline. Tail just off his back which he uses. On the move he was well balanced & used his backend. Has good straight front action. In the challenge he was sound going round. RCC; 2 Gullon’s Barnfall Rowanberry, r/s, good colour & bone. I really liked this dog. Has a lovely head with neat ears, wide skull & big nose with an excellent turn-up. Lovely melting expression & no coarseness about the head. His outline, when stood, is really nice but he just wouldn’t get it together on the move & had to stand 2. PGD (1) 1 Gullon’s Barnfall Periwinkle, r/s. Another quality dog from this kennel, lovely colour & bone with big head & neat ears. Dark eye, with correct nose placement & good strong turn-up. Strong neck with good laid back shoulders, nice front, short level back & good ribs. Strong hindquarters with a good bend of stifle & short hocks. Moves soundly. LD (5) 1 Pott’s Adream Black Magic, smart little b/r which I have judged before, good colour & coat texture. Lovely head, small ear, big dark eye with cheeky expression. Good nose placement, wide jaw & good mouth. Short & compact, moves soundly on small neat feet; 2 Prout’s Goldene Horde Tossy Guy at Tantori, r/r. Another who I have judged before. Larger than 1. Lovely big head & eye & nose pad. Needs a smaller ear. Good neck & shoulders, short back, good tailset. Moved well; 3 Scott’s Samaranda Luther King. OD (4) 1 Ch Samaranda Sorcerer to Adream, b/r. This dog I have judged before & awarded him the CC. Today, because all of his qualities stood out, I thought him worthy of the CC again. He is of the correct type & size. Lovely head. Compact body with a good length of leg, lovely tail set. Moved so true, very sound, could not deny him. BD; 2 Mackenzie’s Ch Grajenco Class Act at Calanru, another one I have judged before & I must admit he looked better today. R/r but would like a clearer colour. Nice head & eye, neat ears. Good neck & shoulder placement with a straight front. Short back with good spring of ribs, tailset OK. Good bend of stifle & short hocks. Showed well; 3 Suggitt’s Aptrick Standard Bearer. R/s D (2) 1 Prout & Smith’s Gilderoak By Royal Command at Grajenco, nice type of smooth, lovely colour, head all in proportion. Good clean neck & lay back of shoulders. Correct front & neat feet. Short, needs a bit more spring of rib, good tailset. Enough bend of stifle with low hocks. Moved & showed well with a lovely temperament; 2 Murray’s Grajenco Royal Male with Murroch, another nice type of smooth although heavier in type than 1. Good colour. Nice head & alert eye, neat ears. Neck & shoulders are fine with a level back. Tail straight off. Moved well, very happy lad. R/r (1) 1 Mackenzie’s Gilderoak James Bond, smart typy dog. Good size, pleasant head with an alert expression. Nice texture to coat & decent colour. Good outline & moves soundly with his tail up. Black D (1) 1 Conway’s Stormjac Curly In Black, good colour, harsh coat, excellent head & eye, big nose pad with correct mouth. Good front, short back with full ribs. tailset good enough. Nice bend of stifle with small hocks. Nice mover. B/t D (1) 1 Murray’s Beauview Special Delivery, smooth of good colour & markings. Nice size, with good head & expression. Correct mouth. Medium neck with correct shoulders & straight front. Short back with big deep ribs & a nice tailset. Good hindquarters. Quite a sound little dog on the move.
VB (2) I love the oldies, I could have taken both of these home with me. 1 Pott’s Cicely Confederate, r/s. Pretty head & expression, good ribs, straight front & good tailset. Moved & showed really well; 2 Courtney’s Donzeata Royal Temptress, another lovely oldie, r/s with a good head, dark eye & neat ears. Short with good ribs, good front & hindquarters. Moved so well. Two gorgeous girlies. Vintage B (1) 1 Cook’s Roamaycee Bookie’s Runner, r/s of good colour, 11 years young. Marvellous for her age, so spritely, lovely type, big head & eye. Short level topline. Good front & hindquarters. Moved freely & was very happy, & has all her teeth. MPB (1) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Aptrick Rinka, b/r. So cute but such a baby. Good coat & with excellent texture. Nice size, pretty head with alert black eyes. Neat ears, correct nose with good turn up & mouth. Enough neck, well laid shoulders, short level back & good tailset. Good front, nice bend of stifle. Moved & showed well. PB (1) 1 Mackay’s Osthaen Maleficent, r/r. Square compact, could do with a clearer coat colour but saying that her coat texture was good & she was well presented. Nice size with excellent bone for a bitch. Lovely broad head with neat ears & big dark eye, good wide jaw with correct turn up. Good strong neck with excellent lay back of shoulder. Straight tidy front. Short, well ribbed back with correct tailset. Strong hindquarters with small hocks, moved & showed well. RCC, BP & RBIS. JB (4) The nicest & most consistent class of the day. All young ladies of similar size, but the deciding factor was movement. 1 Baston & Hodkinson’s Stefton Barley Sugar for Beacon Fell, well presented r/r. Ultra feminine head with the sweetest expression. Broad with a very dark eye, correct size ears & placement, black nose which was correctly placed. Strong turn up with correct mouth. Medium neck with correct shoulder placement. Straight front with neat feet. Short back, just enough ribcage for her size. Correct tailset with a good bend of stifle & small hocks. Moved correctly both coming & going. Enough bone for her size which I loved. Her type & soundness won her the class, but in the challenge showed she was still a baby as I think travel & a long day took its toll as she didn’t put her all in; 2 Shevilan Fire And Ice, another nice r/r. Lovely head & eye, good nose placement & turn up, good mouth. Strong neck with a good front. Short, but still needs to fill out in ribcage. Tailset good, bit too much bend of stifle so when she stands looks a little over-angulated. Moved & handled well & well presented; 3 Gullon’s Barnfall Roxanna. NB (1) 1 Davidson’s Tantori Tickled Pink, nice r/s bitch of lovely colour. Pleasing head & eye. Good turn up & mouth. Nice neck & front, short with correct tailset. Good hindquarters moved & showed well. GB (1) 1 Prout & Smith’s Tantori Tutti Frutti, lovely feminine smooth bitch, showed really well, loved her deep red colour. Sweetest of head, with dark expressive eye. Good turn up & nose placement. Clean neck & shoulders, good front & tight feet. Short, compact, good hindquarters & tailset. Sound in movement & well handled. PGB (1) 1 T Tutti Frutti. LB (4) 1 Kirkwood’s Grajenco Miss Saigon, r/r, nicely balanced bitch, well presented. Good broad head, ears a bit heavy, nice round eye, big nose & good turn up. Correct mouth. Strong head with well laid shoulders, good front, short well sprung ribs, correct tailset. Hindquarters I found slightly close when moving. Handled well; 2 Scott’s Samaranda Has A Dream, b/r, very good coat texture & colour. Lovely head & eye. Good neck & shoulders, short compact, tailset good. Moved well for her handler; 3 Mackay’s Beauview Thunder Thighs. OB (4) 1 Baranova’s Harpersband Vanilla Sky, I have always admired this bitch from the ring side. Lovely big head with a round dark eye, big nose that is well placed with a strong turn up & correct mouth. Ears are a little heavy for me. Strong arched neck with well laid shoulders going down to correct front. Short back with a good tailset which she used well. A good bend of stifle & small hocks. Her movement in profile is fabulous, but hind movement I found a bit too close for me. Well presented & handled; 2 Mackenzie’s Beauview Rumour Has It, b/t/r who I have judged before & I must say looking better today for lack of a pound or two around the waistline. I just love her head & expression. Compact body with big ribs. Her tan is well marked, good coat. Moved really well for her handler with her tail up & seemed to be enjoying the day; 3 Samaranda Merry Mayhem. R/s B (1) 1 Prout & Smith’s Grajenco Dotcom at Tantori, another nice r/s bitch, lovely coat & colour. Good head, neat ears, dark eye, good turn up. Lovely front & shoulders, short tail right off her back. Strong hindquarters which she used on the move. Well handled. R/r B (1) 1 Kirkwood’s Gilderoak For Your Eyes Only, good harsh coat but would like a deeper colour. Nice size bitch, good bone, good broad skull with good ear placement. Dark eye with good nose placement. Strong turn up with correct mouth. Nice front, good shoulder placement. Straight topline with good tailset, enough bend of stifle & short hocks. Well presented. Moved & showed well for her handler. Black bitch (3) 1 Conway’s Flirt Alert Unlimited at Stomjac, b/r, I have judged this girl before as a baby & gave her the RCC. Has fulfilled everything I thought about her. Lovely hard coat & very good colour. When standing correct shape & took my eye immediately. Broad head with small ears that are well placed. The darkest of eyes with an alert cheeky expression. Good wide mouth which is correct & a good strong turn up. Medium length of neck & well laid shoulders. Excellent front. Short back with a straight topline. Deep ribs that are well sprung. Tail straight off her back, correct bend of stifle & short hocks. Movement is so good both coming & going. She stood out for quality & soundness. Very well handled & presented. I would like to thank her owner for making the long trek up to Scotland & I was so pleased to award her her crowning CC & BIS; 2 Scott’ Samaranda Merry Dancer, rough, smaller in type than 1, pretty head enough neck, short back, good tailset. Good front & good hindquarters. Correct tailset but when moving not as positive as 1; 3 Pott’s Samaranda Making Music. B/t B (1) 1 B Rumour Has It